This was my first blog. I registered the domain name in the summer of 2005 and set up this blog.
hehehe here is post #1 http://buckwild.ca/?p=1 My workstation has been running almost every day since about 2002. I have been hosting a site on this workstation since then. Before wordpress I just had a simple homemade page with linked by a free dyndns address.

Here’s my site in 2003 buckwild.dyndns.org

Here’s what my site looked like in 2006
Buckwild.ca Word Press 2006

I don’t update it very often anymore but it’s like that old baseball mitt that you don’t want to get rid of. I’ve got a lot of old post that I enjoy looking back on. Everyone has an old photo album that doesn’t get as much attention as facebook or your My Pictures folder on your computer but it’s still a medium with some value.
I guess that’s what this is to me. Every time the workstation crashes or the site gets hacked because of old wordpress versions I fix it and get going again. Unfortunately I just lost about 10 posts because of bad backup. That’s alright… it’s still running and all the early posts are intact.

Anyway, I hope you have your old blogs backed up somewhere. They are worth keeping.


PS. My new adventure in website socializing is www.burnthelmets.ca
It’s dedicated to biking and racing and there is more than one contributor which means up to date content.



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