Posted by: denisbuchwald | February 13, 2007

Shack Town from the City

There is an IP camera located downtown NB. I don’t have access to it but I know someone who does and they were able to point it out at the lake and zoom in on our shack.

While UB, may Dad and I were out standing by the shack, we called it in and requested that a snap shot be taken of all three of us standing outside.
As you can see, the shot worked. Check it out, thats us!!!

Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 31, 2007

First Weekend Ice Fishing

The shacks in position so let’s do some fishin. This past weekend we launched Club Brun. It was easier than we thought as the shack was pulled in position with out a fight. I feel much better that the shack skis work well and the weight of the shack is not an issue… yet.

Dave and I didn’t waste any time and got to the beers… and some fishing. Nothing was caught on launch day but Sunday was much better. My Bro landed 3 nice perch. I decided to give them to Cecil my shack neighbor as thanks for lending us the minnows. Check out the gallery for pics on the first weekend of fishing @ Club Brun.

Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 24, 2007

Ugly Shed or Sexy Hut

I am really pleased with the job the high school students have done. It’s not their fault that its heavier than a pick-up, but hey, it looks good.

Le Club Brun
According to The Fonz(seen above to the left) “It’s EH OK”

With the help of Dave, Scott, and Scott’s trailer, UB and I picked up the shack Jan 23rd. A few students and teachers gave us a lift on to the trailer. Some students wept to see thier hard word drive away, while some teachers clapped in happiness that we finaly removed this shop gobbling monstrosity from their sight (or Site). I was just glad that no one was crushed under the weight of this party palace.

Transporting this beast has brought out my inner hick. After 10 years in this city I have never felt like I have done hick things until now. I am also glad that, during transport, no person or animal was injured. Yet! I wouldn’t want to be involved in a HUT and RUN.

About Le Club Brun. It’s heavy but it slides well on its long skis. There are windows on all 4 sides which something I am regretting now because we need to secure the windows to prevent any B&Es. All though we cannot completely prevent a 2-11, we can make da-teivs work for it.
There are two long benches inside which are just about suitable for sleeping. There is lots of room for up to 8 people (6 comfortably). We have a propane heater setup for warmth and soup making. And yesterday I set up a DC 55watt light that hooks up to a battery pack.
In the next few days we will spruce it up, secure it and prep it for launch somewhere on Lake Nipissing.

Once its set up on the lake I will send out a welcoming email to my peeps.
See you out at NB10668. AKA. Le Club Brun or Club Shack

Check out all the Gallery Pics of the Making of Club Brun

Venez les poissons avec nous au club brun!!!!!

NB10668 Déversoir d’usine de merde
Lac Nipissing,
North Bay, ON

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I am in St Catherines this week for work. I don’t mind traveling every once and a while but I can’t do it every week as I use to when I worked out of Toronto. Now once a month is plenty for me. I can’t stand dry hotel rooms. I have to wake up every hour and drink some water or I can’t swallow and my tongue feels like a dried up stick. On the positive side I get a lot done because I can work straight through the day with out the interruptions that I allow myself working out of the comfort of North Bay.

While down here this week a Co-worker told me about a steakhouse called WildFire. He claimed that the steaks were far better than the Keg. I gave it try and he was right on the money… no contest. Best steak I have ever, ever had. Absolutely melted in my mouth and each bite gave me the pleasure I can only describe in a meat eating primates terms…. UUUUG.


You should look up WildFire the next time you are in the Niagara region. Oh Man… I might have to travel more often now!

Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 9, 2007

Whats up!

I have been laying off the blog for a bit now. I guess I’ll give an over all update. We had a new year’s party at our place. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
We had a good group of friends over to ring in the New Year. It was some good times especially when we got into the helium. We recited Têtes à claques skits with high voices. C ‘est good times Johny boy, C ‘est good times!

This is my quick attemp at some Tetes a claque characatures

As you can see from my header I have been practicing my moon shots. I still think I can get a clear shot with a 35 mm over the digital. I’ll have to have a camera-off sometime between them to find out.

Man I wish I could have an ice shack update but it hasn’t been very cold up until yesterday. I am afraid that the ice is no where near thick enough to launch a shack. Besides, I don’t think the high school kids are done yet. I will keep you posted.

PS. My snow blower hasn’t seen much action either.

Posted by: denisbuchwald | December 31, 2006

Christmas in the Valley & NB

I went home for Christmas again this year. For those of you who don’t know that the original home of the Buckwild is Westmeath. My moms cooked a 30 pound turkey for 4 people this year, as usual. It was the first Christmas morning that I can remember were there was absolutely no snow. It was actually nice for a change, you know, with the mild temperatures and all.
Amy stuck back in North Bay to be with her family. We will change things next year and alternate instead of separately being with our immediate families. Amy family went to church on Christmas Eve. They spent their day at their grandparents. I hear they only had a 12 pound turkey for 8 people. I say go big or stay home.

Anyway, Its nice to be back home.

Posted by: denisbuchwald | December 21, 2006

Buckwild not reachable

Some may have noticed that buckwild was down for a short period of time. Glad you are back.
I use a name service in order to route the request for my site from my domain provider to my server. That name service is called zoneedit. Zoneedit, which I use for free, experience a denial of service attach on their servers which caused buckwild to be inaccessible.

I switched to another free name service,, which I can still dynamically update from my home server and it took 24 hours for this change to take affect and replicate to all the name servers out there. Glad its working again. On

Now I can get on the postings!!

I will have a post Christmas writeup and an update on the Ice Shack soon.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

In the mean time here are the Christmas kitties.

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B-2s Shack

If you see a faded sign by the side of the lake that says
1.5 miles to the… Ice Shack! Ice Shack yeah
I’m headin’ down the 11th highway,
lookin’ for the fishing getaway .
I got me a shack, it’s as big as a whale
and we’re headin’ on down
with some bait in a pail.
I got me a Shack, it seats about 8
So hurry up and bring some minows for bait.

Posted by: denisbuchwald | November 27, 2006

Smart Car Crash

I came across this video where they drive a remote controlled Smart Car into a concrete barrier at 70mph. I think I might choose the Smart Car over a 1978 Oldsmobile in a head on. All of that forward inertia is transferred away from the site of impact because the car is so light.


Posted by: denisbuchwald | November 21, 2006

Ice Hut 2006-07

***Ice Hut Update… I dropped off the windows for the Hut yesterday and got to see the Hut for the first time. Man is it going to be heavy after all. The students at Odyssey are are making sure that this thing will last for generations. I’ll be able to hand it down to the next buchwald’s buchwald and so forth until global warming eventually prevents lake nipissing from freezing.

I will need to call in the favours to lift this thing on the trailer when its finished. Can I count on you?.

This winter I have partnered up with my ice Hut Buddy, Uncle B, and we have decided to acquire or build an Ice Hut for the age old past time of ice fishing.
We are looking for an 8×6 which is plenty big and not too heavy.

At first we considered buying something pre built. The problem was that we could not find anyone to sell a half decent ice hut.

Ice Hut Details

Then we got some quotes from people who would build it for us our way with our design. Naaaaaa too expensive… over 1400 bills for just the shell door and benches.

Ok, what about building it ourselves. Add in the cold weather which means frozen hands, and I still can’t cut a piece of wood straight anyway. No one will go near any frankenstein hut I build.

Ahhhh Lets get a high school to build it!!!! Thats what we did.
I sketched up a 3 view orthographic version and a details sketch containing bench, door and skid dimensions. Uncle B fostered the relationship with the shop teacher… and we were in and
the Odyssey French High School took on our design as a shop class project.
There is still lots of work to be done such as insulation and heating but I think once we get the shell done and delivered we can do the rest ourselves.

Ice Hut Dimensions sketch

Ice Hut Details Sketch

I can’t want to post the finished product, which should be ready in 2-3 weeks.
Here fishy fishy fishy.

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