Posted by: denisbuchwald | October 16, 2007

OMG a New Blog Entry


Maybe it was by accident that I came across an old email that linked to my blog or maybe it was fate.
Like being reunited with an old lost T-shirt as I sit here typing in this wordpress text box I am flooded with emotions.

My sincere apologies for the neglect of this fine blog. My comrade’s blogs have all but dried up from the web but it is I who will keep the fad of blogging alive for my closest circle of friends and readers.

Look forward to more from me and buckwild. The sunny warm weather is fading which in turn sends me to my cocoon where fortunately I can write meaningless blog entries with my spare time.

Deny Out!

Posted by: denisbuchwald | June 14, 2007

Facebook Stole my hits

I guess with facebook around who cares about anymore. I don’t see the dollars rolling in like I use to. Maybe it’s the summer and everyone is too busy having fun out side and drinking their lakeport. Maybe cause I haven’t posting anything remotely interesting in months. Or maybe Facebook is just too cool and too dynamic for Buckwild.

Maybe if my site’s content was more like facebook…

Denis and his Cat are now friends

Denis Joined the group Click on buckwild google ads

Amy Van Mierlo has fallen asleep again

Denis has broken copy write laws by using facebook icons

Denis has given himself a gift (poor b^&$*d)

Posted by: denisbuchwald | May 10, 2007

Freedom Writers

Very good movie, you go watch now!

Posted by: denisbuchwald | May 7, 2007


It was a busy week.
4 MTB rides,
1 day of Paint Balling,
an Ultimate frizbee practice.

My leg is going to fall off man.

Posted by: denisbuchwald | April 11, 2007


I think spring is finally with in sight and I have my mountain bike all tuned up. So, as soon as we start getting the plus temps give me a call or an email and let’s go for a ride!!

Posted by: denisbuchwald | April 2, 2007

My site

Hey Hey.
Got a new used hard drive to install and rebuild my RAID! That’s a two beer job.
I think I am going to try and install the latest MySQL and wordpress too. I haven’t done anything with my blog theme in quite some time so I think its time for a change. I hope I don’t loose my blog followers to the latest Facebook craze. I did sign up and man, it’s like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. One thing is for sure, if you are curious about your past college flings… facebooks the place to find out what they’ve been up too.


Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 20, 2007

Raid F (Stands for Raid F&%$ED)

Does anyone have an extra 40 gig hard drive, or bigger for sale? Buckwild sits on two mirrored 40 gig hard drives. One of the drives failed so buckwild’s advanced software flipped over to the single drive.

This makes me glad I decided to set up a raid. Anyway I like to put my mirrored raid back together but I need another drive. Let me know if anyone would like to part with a drive.

So please click on a Google ad so I can afford to buy a drive from you.

Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 20, 2007

Shack and sled

So, ice fishing is over until next year. The shack is put away so you wont hear anything about it until next year.
I do own a sled now which is a new update. Its a 94 Polaris 440 Indy. Maaa its got a bit of pink on it but its a dependable sled and it wont win the races. Now I need to get Dave to buy one hehehe.

Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 5, 2007

What a Drag

What more can I say about what happened on Sunday.
It was suppose to be a 3 quarter of a day fishing trip out to the shack but we ended up having to solve a few problems before we could go fishing. Here is what happened.

While driving down Lakeshore Dr. in my uncles vehicle with the sled on the trailer, the axle broke. We are talking catastrophic failure. It was instantly obvious that something horrible had gone wrong back there. We were only pulling away from a traffic light so thankfully it was a low speed accident and no one was injured. If it was not for my friend Scott who has a trailer big enough to trailer a trailer we would have been in a pinch. One more detail to mention, Mr Po Po stopped at the scene with his two cent. “Forget the fishing and go drink some beer” ….We did.

It took a serious bite of our fishing time, with hauling the mangled trailer home, then getting the sled back too, we did manager to get out to the shack on foot and score some serious perch. The pickerel have got to be out there. The costly hunt continues for the illusive pickerel.

Looks like we will have to take to the shack on foot for the next little while. Besides, one more week and its SHACK OFF for us. We will have to close down club brun for the season.


Posted by: denisbuchwald | February 21, 2007

Waltonian Inn

The shack is destined for the South shore near the Waltonian Inn later this month. Since it will be stored on the south shore for the summer we might as well move it the 15 or so kilometres while the ice is still hard. I haven’t asked him yet, but I was hoping that Dave would come along for the trip. This time we will sit in the shack and turn on the heat, and eat some chips, while on route to the south shore.
We are not putting it away, no no. There are still 20 some good days of fishing until shack off. Hopefully the pickerel are biting out that way!!

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