Posted by: denisbuchwald | May 12, 2008

Yahoo Widget Bar for XP

The only things I like about Vista are the widgets. A widget bar is a small console that allows you to add small programs like a weather watcher or a sports ticker. You could have a widget playing music or randomly displaying pictures. The nice thing is that you can place them anywhere on your screen and choose whether they are displayed or hidden.

Widgets do not come standard with windows XP so I’ve decided to give the Yahoo widgets a try. I’ve come to like the more technical widgets such as the site status. This tells me what internet sites are available and I’m currently using this at work to help me monitor some of the sites I look after. Though the audible alerts it provides are cheezy, I don’t have to go far to see that everything is running smooth.

If you have a fast enough computer, I recommend this widget bar. There are tons of neat widgets to choose too!
If you’ve got a slow puter, don’t even bother.

Yahoo Widgets

I forgot to mention that there is a Weekly Dilbert widget too.


Posted by: denisbuchwald | April 29, 2008

Mess'N with my Site

GUARD_FB is a jerk!
If anyone would like to spam her go ahead. GreanatoR@Gmail.Com
I’d like to ignor GUARD_FB on facebook, if I had the chance, then email her and tell her that I igrored her on facebook.

Posted by: denisbuchwald | April 8, 2008

Funny Video


Sea Lion -  Smooth Criminal

Posted by: denisbuchwald | February 28, 2008

ICE Fishing with the TACO

I am having fun with Windows Live Writer and a Polaroid picture plug-in.
Pretty neat Stuff.










Posted by: denisbuchwald | February 27, 2008

Windows Live Writer

I am trying out Windows Live Writer as a tool to write posts for
Maybe you noticed the last time you upgraded your MSN to the latest windows live messenger there were other tools available such as Windows Live Writer. Normally I don’t install add-ons but this one sounded like it might be useful.
Lets see how it works.  I am hoping it doesn’t blow up my blog. One bonus feature is spell check and I definitely need that. In fact I spelled definitely wrong just now but Live Writer stuck a red line under it for me to correct. Beauuuutiful (red line that one sucka)

Also Live Writer makes it much easier than WordPress to insert links, pictures, maps, tables, tags and videos. Slick!!!

Posted by: denisbuchwald | February 4, 2008

Punta Cana

Well our Punta Cana vacation was a success though I don’t see how failure could arise from plus 28 weather.
It started off a little shacky with a last minute change in the resort we were suppose to stay at. The new resort we choose under estimated the time it takes to build rooms so our travel company had to move us. All this uncertainty was eased by the weather, cervasa and friends. I could tell stories for hours especially the one where Scott wasn’t bipedal enough to make it to dinner our first night there. Two words, “Cuba Libre”. Barcelo Bavaro Palace turned out to be a good enough resort for my first time vacationing in a tropical country. It’s all good and so is the rum I brought back.


PS. There should be lots of face book pics either through me, Amy or my friends.

Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 8, 2008

Buckwild Site Stats 2007

I ran a stats program on buckwild for 2007. I thought I would share some final number for 2007. Below is a summary list of the activity.

April was the most popular Month of 07 and visitors from the states frequent my site the most on Wednesdays at Noon. I’ll have to start posting new stuff Tuesday to prepare for the increase in traffic. Maybe I’ll have a Wednesday special and sell wooden beavers with a pencil sharpener built in to the mouth. Can you say “Collectable”.

People using search engines have visited my site if their search found matching content. The following are interesting and slightly funny.

1 pancake recall from jenny craig
2 pimped out lawn mower
3 cooperators motorcycle black list
4 buckwild events for this weekend
5 buckwild gone buckwild
6 crv hit knee (I don’t remember a post with these words?)

and my favourite search string that found my site… amyxoxo

The most popular gallery folder for 07 was Scott, Rose and Anika’s visit to North Bay. Congrats you win free picture hosting for 08. I will be sending you a bill for 07, however.

Site Stats
Unique Visitors
Homepage Hits
Total Web Site Hits
Bandwidth Used
Most Popular Day
Homepage Hits Average per day
Webpage Views Average per day
Unique Visitors Average per day
Total Domains
Total Countries
128.33 GB
Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 4, 2008

Fun in the Sun

I have some vacation time booked at the end of January. Amy and I (and some friends) are going to take off to a sunny location. I hear that the dominican is an excellent place to go for nice beaches and quality resorts.

Any other Ideas?

Posted by: denisbuchwald | December 18, 2007


He’s a Real Tough cookie with a long history.

This entry isn’t about gingy the cookie from the shrek movies and I am not trying to directly attract shek content to my google ads though if you did see some shek ads that would be funny. I recommend that you click on them.

I am just writing up an entry on Christmas and Gingy here is iconic and eye catching.
Instead of big long Christmas blog entry Amy and I wrote up short recap on our year and sent that out with some Christmas cards.
I hope everyone received their christmas letters. If you didn’t there must have been a mix up at the post office.

Anyway, I wish everyone a nice and smoof holiday. Drive safe, don’t drink too much between stops and don’t complain if you didn’t get what you wanted from santa. Just Smile, run out and put it on your Visa.
Merry Christmas Everyone

Shrek shrek shrek third shrek shrek Shrek shrek shrek third shrek shrek Shrek shrek shrek third shrek shrek

Posted by: denisbuchwald | November 13, 2007

TO Food & Wine

Ahh… the weekend is fast approaching and so is the annual Toronto Food and Wine Expo.
This is an opportunity to taste expensive food and beverages inexpensively and the hunt to find the cheapest beer both.

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