Posted by: denisbuchwald | August 10, 2011

Suzuki 1979 TS 185 at the cottage

This is the bikes first time at the cottage. I restored it over the winter and plan to drive it all summer at the cottage.











  1. Hello, this is going to be a strange question but did you graduate from the Canadore College Graphic Arts program? This is Geoff Taylor, I had a teaching gig there for six months while you were in the class. For the strangest reason you popped in my head and I tracked you down through the intertubes 🙂 Sorry for creepin’ just wanted to say hi.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Yes I did. I graduated in 1998 from that program.
      I yes… Now I remember. You showed me some pretty cool animations of some turf builder etc..
      Its all coming back to me. We had some good times hangin.
      My email is
      Are you on facebook aswell?

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