Posted by: denisbuchwald | November 23, 2008

Xbox Revamp

The new xbox software update is pretty slick. Looks like it was designed to compete with the Nintendo Wii interface. Those with xbox 360 who have not turned them on in a while… get on that.
You can also use Tversity to stream all your favorite shows and movies, in HD, to you TV.


  1. Now that you got your fancy Avatar you might as well get what is really important and get the patch for Gears of War 2 🙂

  2. We love the Xbox .

  3. Hello.
    Would you like to sell this URL name?

    This is not a joke or anything. I am starting up a small town bar called Buck Wild (in London Ontario) and this URL would be helpful.

    If yes; what amount are you thinking?


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