Posted by: denisbuchwald | May 12, 2008

Yahoo Widget Bar for XP

The only things I like about Vista are the widgets. A widget bar is a small console that allows you to add small programs like a weather watcher or a sports ticker. You could have a widget playing music or randomly displaying pictures. The nice thing is that you can place them anywhere on your screen and choose whether they are displayed or hidden.

Widgets do not come standard with windows XP so I’ve decided to give the Yahoo widgets a try. I’ve come to like the more technical widgets such as the site status. This tells me what internet sites are available and I’m currently using this at work to help me monitor some of the sites I look after. Though the audible alerts it provides are cheezy, I don’t have to go far to see that everything is running smooth.

If you have a fast enough computer, I recommend this widget bar. There are tons of neat widgets to choose too!
If you’ve got a slow puter, don’t even bother.

Yahoo Widgets

I forgot to mention that there is a Weekly Dilbert widget too.


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