Posted by: denisbuchwald | February 4, 2008

Punta Cana

Well our Punta Cana vacation was a success though I don’t see how failure could arise from plus 28 weather.
It started off a little shacky with a last minute change in the resort we were suppose to stay at. The new resort we choose under estimated the time it takes to build rooms so our travel company had to move us. All this uncertainty was eased by the weather, cervasa and friends. I could tell stories for hours especially the one where Scott wasn’t bipedal enough to make it to dinner our first night there. Two words, “Cuba Libre”. Barcelo Bavaro Palace turned out to be a good enough resort for my first time vacationing in a tropical country. It’s all good and so is the rum I brought back.


PS. There should be lots of face book pics either through me, Amy or my friends.


  1. You could have chosen a better picture of you!!! I always look good…lolol

  2. I think this might better explain things:


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