Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 8, 2008

Buckwild Site Stats 2007

I ran a stats program on buckwild for 2007. I thought I would share some final number for 2007. Below is a summary list of the activity.

April was the most popular Month of 07 and visitors from the states frequent my site the most on Wednesdays at Noon. I’ll have to start posting new stuff Tuesday to prepare for the increase in traffic. Maybe I’ll have a Wednesday special and sell wooden beavers with a pencil sharpener built in to the mouth. Can you say “Collectable”.

People using search engines have visited my site if their search found matching content. The following are interesting and slightly funny.

1 pancake recall from jenny craig
2 pimped out lawn mower
3 cooperators motorcycle black list
4 buckwild events for this weekend
5 buckwild gone buckwild
6 crv hit knee (I don’t remember a post with these words?)

and my favourite search string that found my site… amyxoxo

The most popular gallery folder for 07 was Scott, Rose and Anika’s visit to North Bay. Congrats you win free picture hosting for 08. I will be sending you a bill for 07, however.

Site Stats
Unique Visitors
Homepage Hits
Total Web Site Hits
Bandwidth Used
Most Popular Day
Homepage Hits Average per day
Webpage Views Average per day
Unique Visitors Average per day
Total Domains
Total Countries
128.33 GB


  1. Ah honey I am popular…cool. I love the etries…keep them coming!!!


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