Posted by: denisbuchwald | October 16, 2007

OMG a New Blog Entry


Maybe it was by accident that I came across an old email that linked to my blog or maybe it was fate.
Like being reunited with an old lost T-shirt as I sit here typing in this wordpress text box I am flooded with emotions.

My sincere apologies for the neglect of this fine blog. My comrade’s blogs have all but dried up from the web but it is I who will keep the fad of blogging alive for my closest circle of friends and readers.

Look forward to more from me and buckwild. The sunny warm weather is fading which in turn sends me to my cocoon where fortunately I can write meaningless blog entries with my spare time.

Deny Out!


  1. Hey Deny,
    I still blog faithfully, everyday, and I tune up my facebooking almost as regularily.

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