Posted by: denisbuchwald | June 14, 2007

Facebook Stole my hits

I guess with facebook around who cares about anymore. I don’t see the dollars rolling in like I use to. Maybe it’s the summer and everyone is too busy having fun out side and drinking their lakeport. Maybe cause I haven’t posting anything remotely interesting in months. Or maybe Facebook is just too cool and too dynamic for Buckwild.

Maybe if my site’s content was more like facebook…

Denis and his Cat are now friends

Denis Joined the group Click on buckwild google ads

Amy Van Mierlo has fallen asleep again

Denis has broken copy write laws by using facebook icons

Denis has given himself a gift (poor b^&$*d)


  1. Well, I did fall asleep because it was around 1245am Wednesday when he posted an entry on buckwild….so I am aloud to fall asleep!!!

  2. Hey.. I’m still here helping to keep the buckwild alive!

  3. Now thats what friends are made of.

  4. Jason has reported Denis to facebook regarding copyright infringement.

  5. FUNNY! Wheres the special icon?

  6. I still check once and awhile but the posts are pretty far apart so you know.. no postie.. no looky.

  7. Too funny, i like the icons. Anyway i was on to download music and was wondering if you could download Saturday Night….can’t wait till sunday morning. I think it’s by K-os, could you do that for me….if you do i will visit your website more!


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