Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 20, 2007

Raid F (Stands for Raid F&%$ED)

Does anyone have an extra 40 gig hard drive, or bigger for sale? Buckwild sits on two mirrored 40 gig hard drives. One of the drives failed so buckwild’s advanced software flipped over to the single drive.

This makes me glad I decided to set up a raid. Anyway I like to put my mirrored raid back together but I need another drive. Let me know if anyone would like to part with a drive.

So please click on a Google ad so I can afford to buy a drive from you.


  1. I just might have a 40 kicking around somewhere, I can take a look tonight. I also have a 50MB (that’s right, megabyte) IBM hardrive if you are interested 😉

  2. Let me know about the 40 Gig kicking around.
    As for the 50MB to sell it on Ebay and claim that it use to be bill gate’s harddrive.

  3. I’ve got your 40GB hard drive.. Comes complete with a 17″ LCD monitor – all for the low price of !))>))

  4. If you advertise that someones going to come along and scoop my deal


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