Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 5, 2007

What a Drag

What more can I say about what happened on Sunday.
It was suppose to be a 3 quarter of a day fishing trip out to the shack but we ended up having to solve a few problems before we could go fishing. Here is what happened.

While driving down Lakeshore Dr. in my uncles vehicle with the sled on the trailer, the axle broke. We are talking catastrophic failure. It was instantly obvious that something horrible had gone wrong back there. We were only pulling away from a traffic light so thankfully it was a low speed accident and no one was injured. If it was not for my friend Scott who has a trailer big enough to trailer a trailer we would have been in a pinch. One more detail to mention, Mr Po Po stopped at the scene with his two cent. “Forget the fishing and go drink some beer” ….We did.

It took a serious bite of our fishing time, with hauling the mangled trailer home, then getting the sled back too, we did manager to get out to the shack on foot and score some serious perch. The pickerel have got to be out there. The costly hunt continues for the illusive pickerel.

Looks like we will have to take to the shack on foot for the next little while. Besides, one more week and its SHACK OFF for us. We will have to close down club brun for the season.



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