Posted by: denisbuchwald | February 21, 2007

Waltonian Inn

The shack is destined for the South shore near the Waltonian Inn later this month. Since it will be stored on the south shore for the summer we might as well move it the 15 or so kilometres while the ice is still hard. I haven’t asked him yet, but I was hoping that Dave would come along for the trip. This time we will sit in the shack and turn on the heat, and eat some chips, while on route to the south shore.
We are not putting it away, no no. There are still 20 some good days of fishing until shack off. Hopefully the pickerel are biting out that way!!


  1. Later this month? that would be this or next weekend…..which one is it Deny? Inquiring minds want to know (Dave).

  2. Are we just going to get Brent to drag it out with his sled or are we gonna put it back on the trailer and drive it out? I think you are going to sled’ it out?

  3. That would be this weekend… Hopefully!


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