Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 31, 2007

First Weekend Ice Fishing

The shacks in position so let’s do some fishin. This past weekend we launched Club Brun. It was easier than we thought as the shack was pulled in position with out a fight. I feel much better that the shack skis work well and the weight of the shack is not an issue… yet.

Dave and I didn’t waste any time and got to the beers… and some fishing. Nothing was caught on launch day but Sunday was much better. My Bro landed 3 nice perch. I decided to give them to Cecil my shack neighbor as thanks for lending us the minnows. Check out the gallery for pics on the first weekend of fishing @ Club Brun.


  1. It’s always nice to find a new place to have beers and pretend to do some sportin’ !


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