Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 24, 2007

Ugly Shed or Sexy Hut

I am really pleased with the job the high school students have done. It’s not their fault that its heavier than a pick-up, but hey, it looks good.

Le Club Brun
According to The Fonz(seen above to the left) “It’s EH OK”

With the help of Dave, Scott, and Scott’s trailer, UB and I picked up the shack Jan 23rd. A few students and teachers gave us a lift on to the trailer. Some students wept to see thier hard word drive away, while some teachers clapped in happiness that we finaly removed this shop gobbling monstrosity from their sight (or Site). I was just glad that no one was crushed under the weight of this party palace.

Transporting this beast has brought out my inner hick. After 10 years in this city I have never felt like I have done hick things until now. I am also glad that, during transport, no person or animal was injured. Yet! I wouldn’t want to be involved in a HUT and RUN.

About Le Club Brun. It’s heavy but it slides well on its long skis. There are windows on all 4 sides which something I am regretting now because we need to secure the windows to prevent any B&Es. All though we cannot completely prevent a 2-11, we can make da-teivs work for it.
There are two long benches inside which are just about suitable for sleeping. There is lots of room for up to 8 people (6 comfortably). We have a propane heater setup for warmth and soup making. And yesterday I set up a DC 55watt light that hooks up to a battery pack.
In the next few days we will spruce it up, secure it and prep it for launch somewhere on Lake Nipissing.

Once its set up on the lake I will send out a welcoming email to my peeps.
See you out at NB10668. AKA. Le Club Brun or Club Shack

Check out all the Gallery Pics of the Making of Club Brun

Venez les poissons avec nous au club brun!!!!!

NB10668 Déversoir d’usine de merde
Lac Nipissing,
North Bay, ON


  1. Nice shack man.. way to exploit child labour 😉

  2. Thanks Dan.
    I plan on buying them a pizza lunch but only if I get lots of GoogleAdClicks eh!!!

  3. january 31 …security check a ok!


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