Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 18, 2007


I am in St Catherines this week for work. I don’t mind traveling every once and a while but I can’t do it every week as I use to when I worked out of Toronto. Now once a month is plenty for me. I can’t stand dry hotel rooms. I have to wake up every hour and drink some water or I can’t swallow and my tongue feels like a dried up stick. On the positive side I get a lot done because I can work straight through the day with out the interruptions that I allow myself working out of the comfort of North Bay.

While down here this week a Co-worker told me about a steakhouse called WildFire. He claimed that the steaks were far better than the Keg. I gave it try and he was right on the money… no contest. Best steak I have ever, ever had. Absolutely melted in my mouth and each bite gave me the pleasure I can only describe in a meat eating primates terms…. UUUUG.


You should look up WildFire the next time you are in the Niagara region. Oh Man… I might have to travel more often now!


  1. Well if they are that good, I think we will have to make a road trip down there. I wonder if I can find some work related excuse to go? hmmm


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