Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 9, 2007

Whats up!

I have been laying off the blog for a bit now. I guess I’ll give an over all update. We had a new year’s party at our place. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
We had a good group of friends over to ring in the New Year. It was some good times especially when we got into the helium. We recited Têtes à claques skits with high voices. C ‘est good times Johny boy, C ‘est good times!

This is my quick attemp at some Tetes a claque characatures

As you can see from my header I have been practicing my moon shots. I still think I can get a clear shot with a 35 mm over the digital. I’ll have to have a camera-off sometime between them to find out.

Man I wish I could have an ice shack update but it hasn’t been very cold up until yesterday. I am afraid that the ice is no where near thick enough to launch a shack. Besides, I don’t think the high school kids are done yet. I will keep you posted.

PS. My snow blower hasn’t seen much action either.


  1. I think you need bigger eyes and really really bad teeth for the tetes a claques thing to work… niase moi pas la

  2. nice teeth!


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