Posted by: denisbuchwald | December 21, 2006

Buckwild not reachable

Some may have noticed that buckwild was down for a short period of time. Glad you are back.
I use a name service in order to route the request for my site from my domain provider to my server. That name service is called zoneedit. Zoneedit, which I use for free, experience a denial of service attach on their servers which caused buckwild to be inaccessible.

I switched to another free name service,, which I can still dynamically update from my home server and it took 24 hours for this change to take affect and replicate to all the name servers out there. Glad its working again. On

Now I can get on the postings!!

I will have a post Christmas writeup and an update on the Ice Shack soon.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

In the mean time here are the Christmas kitties.


  1. What is it about cats and Christmas trees, my cats love sleeping under the tree, sometimes all 3 of them will be under there.

    How does your FreeDNS work? I’ve been looking at something like that so that my domain doesn’t resolve to my home IP.

  2. Dan,
    Its pretty simple. Goto and signup. Then you have to add your domain and sub domains. Your domain would be and your sub domain would be for instance.
    Then you need to goto your name hosting servers website, who hosts and enter in all of the, NS2, NS3 and NS4 names servers. After about 12 to 24 hours will make sure that when you goto it routes through them. The benifit of this is that you can change afraid on the fly where you cant change your name hosting service easily. Once afraid is all set up you can download a client from their site which will update the afraid server with you current IP of you home computer or what ever. You can also use afraid to set up an MX record in case you want to have a Mail server.
    Hope you read this.


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