Posted by: denisbuchwald | December 7, 2006

B-2s Shack

If you see a faded sign by the side of the lake that says
1.5 miles to the… Ice Shack! Ice Shack yeah
I’m headin’ down the 11th highway,
lookin’ for the fishing getaway .
I got me a shack, it’s as big as a whale
and we’re headin’ on down
with some bait in a pail.
I got me a Shack, it seats about 8
So hurry up and bring some minows for bait.


  1. Looks great honey. Too bad it’s so heavy…you may lose it if there is a mid-winter melt!!!

  2. I am getting the High School to install floats under it. The we just hook up a small boat motor and we have ourselves a shack boat for cruising the lake.


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