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Ice Hut 2006-07

***Ice Hut Update… I dropped off the windows for the Hut yesterday and got to see the Hut for the first time. Man is it going to be heavy after all. The students at Odyssey are are making sure that this thing will last for generations. I’ll be able to hand it down to the next buchwald’s buchwald and so forth until global warming eventually prevents lake nipissing from freezing.

I will need to call in the favours to lift this thing on the trailer when its finished. Can I count on you?.

This winter I have partnered up with my ice Hut Buddy, Uncle B, and we have decided to acquire or build an Ice Hut for the age old past time of ice fishing.
We are looking for an 8×6 which is plenty big and not too heavy.

At first we considered buying something pre built. The problem was that we could not find anyone to sell a half decent ice hut.

Ice Hut Details

Then we got some quotes from people who would build it for us our way with our design. Naaaaaa too expensive… over 1400 bills for just the shell door and benches.

Ok, what about building it ourselves. Add in the cold weather which means frozen hands, and I still can’t cut a piece of wood straight anyway. No one will go near any frankenstein hut I build.

Ahhhh Lets get a high school to build it!!!! Thats what we did.
I sketched up a 3 view orthographic version and a details sketch containing bench, door and skid dimensions. Uncle B fostered the relationship with the shop teacher… and we were in and
the Odyssey French High School took on our design as a shop class project.
There is still lots of work to be done such as insulation and heating but I think once we get the shell done and delivered we can do the rest ourselves.

Ice Hut Dimensions sketch

Ice Hut Details Sketch

I can’t want to post the finished product, which should be ready in 2-3 weeks.
Here fishy fishy fishy.


  1. Cool, I am sure the class will do a great job on it. Where are the holes going? between the benches?

    If you need any help finishing off the hut, let me know.

  2. So the holes are going at the end of the benches. Once you walk in there are two benches on each side. The Shack is 8 feet long and the benches take up 6 feet which leaves 2 feet for holes and etc…

    Directly in the middle of the holes and at the end of the shack will be the small stove.



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