Posted by: denisbuchwald | November 13, 2006

360 EH

First came blogging, then came 360’ing. Most of my good buddies have their Xbox 360 consoles, a live account and the same roster of games with which to engage in clean multiplayer competition. We’ve got Dave, Both Scotts, myself and the father of 360 in our cycle, Paul H.

360 Console

I will admin that if I had not have won my 360 I might not be 360’ing… or maybe I would, just with a lighter wallet.

Stay tunned for Links 2004, PGR and GOW Match times.
Game on!

GameTag: def18


  1. Well Scott M took the first round.
    Second round went to me
    and the third… Scott M again, with dave in a close second.
    Daves use to having a gun in his hand and I must say he is adapting to the 5Iron quite well.

  2. Grats on the XBOX 🙂


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