Posted by: denisbuchwald | November 6, 2006

Growing Grass

No I am not talking about the stuff left-handed cigarettes are made of, I mean real grass. We decided to buy some cat grass, you know the kind that you add water too, grow then serve to your cats. After I noticed the grass starting to grow I couldn’t help be astonished by how fast it grew.
So I set my camera up to do a time-laps movie while we were gone to Ottawa this weekend. The camera only ran for a little more than 24hours and captured a frame every 10 mins. ( I should have set it to 5 min intervals) I only captured 6 seconds of movie when its all played out.

What you will see if you download the MOV are some pretty funny images of the grass growing while the cats interact with the living room furniture. It’s pretty funny when the camera fires up to take pictures during the night and catches the cat’s sleepy faces. You can almost tell their expressions… “Hey man I am trying to sleep, what’s up with that flash…”

I have to do more series of Time Laps movies cause its pretty entertaining stuff.

Download Cats and Grass.Mov


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