Posted by: denisbuchwald | October 11, 2006

My Cuz Mitch and Kims Wedding

I am behind on my blogging big time aren’t I.
My cuz Mitch and his lovely Wife Kim recently got married, September 23 2006. This is also the Day Amy was born 28 Sweet years ago. Hanging out at a wedding is not the typical way to spend a birthday, but Amy is always up for something different.

I was a standing man in this wedding. It was good times for sure, the best wedding I’ve ever been a part of. I have to give Mitch some credit where its due, he is a pretty hard worker. In the days before the wedding we set up the outdoor Ceremony tents, chairs and decorations, set-up and decorated the wedding hall, and although I conveniently had to travel back to the Bay, Mitch was there to take it all down, clean up, and put it all away. He did have help from everyone at different times, but he himself was always there. That’s, hard work and lots of the L word for his main squeeze Kim.

Kim Mitch Wedding
*****Gallery Pics of the Wedding

Great wedding, and smoken good food thanks to Uncle James, and Uncle Jim who’s not really my Uncle. Uncle James Catered the wedding reception and sunday, at the farm Uncle Jim brought in a roasted pig. Pictures are available upon request. I don’t want to piss of the the vegetarians out there.

Congrats, and welcome to the Buckwild Family Kim.
Hope to see you soon,



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