Posted by: denisbuchwald | September 28, 2006


I did it today, rode for my M license today and passed. The guy just before me, riding a Honda 919 failed. Riding too slow and he ran a red while in the middle of the intersection. Crappy for him.
So the trick is to ride faster than the speed limit and look at every possible angle while riding. I rode fast enough to loose the MTO guys riding behind close behind. Well, it was because I always sped up quick after completing a corner giving other cars a chance to get between me and the Drive-test guys.

For those who don’t know how it works, they give me a headset and give me directional commands while riding behind in a car.

Anyway, its done. Cheaper insurance here I come. MMMMMooooohhhaaa


  1. Congrats Deny!

  2. Well done honey. I am proud of you. This means more money to get me something special!

  3. I thought it meant that I can get loaded and still Drive.
    I’d never to that anyway.

  4. no it means he can get that exhaust system now that he really really wants to get


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