Posted by: denisbuchwald | September 5, 2006

Give me a Break

I sat at my desk one fine afternoon, cleared my desktop and prepared myself for a break. From my right side desk drawer I slid out a shinny Kit Kat Chunky bar and proceeded to crack the seal and expose the chocolaty wonder.
The familiar anticipation caused my chocolate receptacle to salivate thus preparing my palate. As I bit into the bar I realized that something had gone horribly wrong.

My Kit Kat was wafer-less and my break had been broken.

I called Nestlé’s 1-800 number before the mass of poor quality chocolate could be cleared. I explained to them my situation and with great regret and apologetic tones they issued a Nestle product voucher to my name and address.
A week later, Today, I received my very own $2 nestle product voucher and apology letter. Perhaps I can attempt to have a Kit Kat break in the near future.

I thank Nestle for their 2-dollar reproval. They were exceptionally kind and sincerely concerned about my emotional wellbeing regarding the matter.
Unfortunately Kit Kats may never be the same. The chocolate is nothing without the wafer, and the wafer is nothing without the chocolate. Together they are the delicious KitKat, apart they are Kit-Krap.

WaferLess KitKat Update
From internet research I have discovered that this has happened to others before.
If there is an increase in Waferless KitKats I will be writing Nestle to fund a support group.


  1. Waferless Kitkat Support Group…..hmmm…that’s interesting.

  2. In part, this blog posting is part of an effort to attract Nestle Google adds to my site. Other wise… I’m just wierd.

  3. Mhhmmmmmm…….right……..


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