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Hot August Nights 2006

Hey Folks,
I haven’t been posting much because of my extensive cycle training… NOT. I barely trained at all and I was worried about that. But…. This year of 24 Hour Hot August Nights 2006 was still fun and successful because Dave and I finished 3rd with 22 laps in 24 Hours and 7 minutes.

We were given nearly the best possible weather for this race. The day was warm but not steamy and the nighttime was cool, but not cold providing a nice atmosphere for competitive mountain bike racing. There was an occasional spit of rain that provided cooling off especially while hammering some of the big nasty climbs of this course.

Again, Dave and I road alternate laps maintaining consistency and ensuring quick transitions. This race was a bit different because we actually had to race hard to gain and keep 3rd place. The last several laps near the end was a neck and neck race. We finished 16 minutes ahead and thats not much.

Ultimately I don’t think we could have had 3rd place if we didn’t transition properly.
Our transitions cost us time the last race… mostly my fault. The most important factor was our support crew as they kept us fuelled up, positive minded and ensured that left at the proper time for the transition. THANKS CREW Especially my sweety, Amy. She stayed up with me all night!!!! Thanks Dave, for riding hard but smart.

And thanks Jamis…. that’s my bike. My Jamis full suspension soaked up the bumps, kept glued to the course and gave me lots of rolling power into the technical stuff.

Last but not least, Dave and I both rode the Gator pit, which is aprox 15″ pit of mud and water with a thin 2X4 crossing. It was a fun technical challenge that the Chico opened up near the end of the race. I was the first one to ride threw and picked up a Gator pit Shirt.

Lap Times and Results are posted here under Tag Team… Northern Duo

I have my personal pics loaded up in the Gallery under Hot August Nights 2006 so go check’em out.

Start Line

Podium Finish

Unofficial Results
These are unofficial Results. We still had 1 more lap to go


  1. What a race eh? I had no expectations for this race, other than to just race as hard as I could. I was a little nervous how things would go with my lack of training, let alone riding a bike. After a couple laps I had figured out a rythmn and tried to ride a maintainable pace through the night so I could hammer in the morning. Its amazing how much you can push your body if you put your mind to it.

    When I found out we had moved up to 4th, that we were close to 3rd and 5th was hot on our wheels, well that really motivated me for my last two laps. Deny and I gave it pretty much everything we had left to ensure a podium finish.

    We had a pretty good campsite, with some ‘slightly’ annoying neighbours. At first I was dissapointed that we were not on the course, but it was actually great cause it forced us to go out and be ready to transition to the next guy and not lose anytime.

    You rode very strong Deny – I am glad you are on my team, cause I know you will never give up and always ride as hard as you can.

    I want to thank our crew (Jenn, Amy, Sgt. Scott and Julie) also, you were a big part in our success. Thank you!

    A funny thing – in Aug 2004 when Deny and I entered the same 24hr race on a tag team, we had race plate #56 and finished 3rd… two years later, same race, same race plate, finished 3rd as well – cool eh?


  2. Hey Thanks Dave, You turned it on pretty good at the end according to the results.

  3. I am very happy for you guys, it is good that you where able to do so well.


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