Posted by: denisbuchwald | June 28, 2006

24 Hour Race Update

Lap Times are in
Total Time 23:59:52. Dave made it back with 8 Seconds to go. We had 8 Seconds to head out on another lap but we didn’t.

My Lap Times

Lap 1 1:07:40
Lap 3 1:10:06
Lap 5 1:02:10
Lap 7 1:05:36
Lap 9 1:10:49
Lap 11 1:16:11
Lap 13 1:17:54
Lap 15 1:13:41
Lap 17 1:10:21
Lap 19 1:05:36

These are pretty good times. I don’t think I could have shaved much off them during the race. The only way to really improve is to train my legs and my lungs before hand. If I can get faster right after a hill I will be able to improve. Right now I take a little too long to recover after a big hill climb.


  1. I would of made it back sooner on that last lap, but I had a little incident when I left the trail that delayed me abit 😉 Turns out that going out for another lap wouldn’t of done anything for us – 3rd place finished their 21st lap a few minutes after I finished our 20th. I wanted to get the lap over with though, so I could sleep!

    Ya you hammered the hills, one suggestion might be to go a little easier on the bottom of the hill and then ramp it up closer to the top, so the all out effort is shorter and thus not have to recover (as much) after the hill – keeping the lactate acid down. I have that problem on the road rides!

    I know I will be more agressive next time on my laps… while I was more agressive this race than last, I still find I might of reservered too much – I think I can recover sufficiently between laps now, so screw that “ride a sustainable pace” crap – I am hammering each lap at the next race.

    Don’t forget the lap times are a little squewd as well – you need to factor in the transition time we had for each lap at our campsite. I think we can reduce time used up during transitions without much effort – just being more organized and watching the times. Having the campsite on the course helped keep the transition time minimal though.

    You going to consider getting a dual squishy ride for next race?

  2. Dual Squishy? Do you mean some suspension?
    I think I will lower my seat a bit… and maybe but that gel cover back on. 🙂

    I think you have a good point about hammering. Aside from some tight hams in the middle of the night I found I recovered well enough to push it even harder next time.
    We will have the shock therapy with us again!! BTW I can get that kit for 200 bucks. With a Docs note it might be covered on your benifits.

    Next time we should put a sleeping tent right on the course… I mean right on the trail so I transition will be faster at 2AM.

    Or well will make Scott Mac Stay up all night cause he is like a drill sergent. “I will tell you when you can EAT, I will tell you when you can DRINK and I will tell you when you can GETUP you Puke!”

  3. You’ve got 5 minutes .. So put a move on IT!. 🙂


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