Posted by: denisbuchwald | June 26, 2006

4th out of 16

We’re back from the 24 hour bike race alive. It was a beautiful weekend for a race. It was not too hot during the day, and not too cold at night though we still needed a fire to keep us extra warm. With these kinds of race conditions and with the support that was on hand, it was definitely in the bag to do well. A 6 or 7th place finish was expected but by the morning hours we had taken 4th and were putting time on 5th with the addition of each lap.

Dave and I each performed 10 Laps during the 24 hours with lap times nearly the same ranging from 1:05 to 1:25 hours a lap. Not bad at all. I can’t wait to see the over all lap times. I will post the link to them and to the professional picture once the Chico’s site posts them.
Thanks to all who were a part of this. Thanks Scott, Julie, Jen, Amy and Dave for lending me his full suspension when I just couldn’t handle the pounding on my butt and the yanking on my knees at 3AM.

Before the race

I have posted all the pics from my camera in my gallery. I hope they load fast.
Go check em out!!!
Deny’s Race Weekend Pics


  1. Way to go guys.

    It was nice to see the pics. Can’t wait to see some of the pro pics and results once they come on.

  2. Yeah man, way to go Magnesium Boy!!!!!!!!


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