Posted by: denisbuchwald | June 21, 2006

24 Hour Summer Solstice

The weekend of the big 24 hour race is upon us. Dave and I will pack up and venture to Albion hills where the premier Ontario 24 hour race will challenge the best of the best, and those that just go to drink beer.

This will be our second tag team 24 H with one more in August.
I have personally trained hard though I have not exactly trained frequently with only about 1 or 2 times on the bike a week for the last 7 weeks. I even made it out 3 times a week once.

I am ready as I ever will be. My new support crew consisting of Amy, Jenn, Julie and Scott will ensure that I ride my best by providing me with food, water and pep talks. I will provide them with grumpy-ness, complaining and at times foul language. But in the end I will thank them to the ends of the earth and they will feel a part of the podium finish. It will be a fun time.

I shall post the results and the pictures when we get back.

North Duo


  1. Good Luck Guys!!!!

    I wish I could be there to watch you guys go for it. Just remember the slow steady turtle wins the race. I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you guys.


  2. Thanks Scott,
    We will give it our best.
    Talk with you soon

    You have my Cell Number right.
    We can be reached at the race chummy.


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