Posted by: denisbuchwald | May 30, 2006


In my youth I aspired to be an artist. My first two years of college were spent laboring over drafting tables for hours upon hours each day and night. I re-invented the all-nighter. Instead of watching movie trilogies in previous all-nighters, I was designing, measuring, drawing and swearing all night long. Working on a graphic compilations such as a pastel, water color or pen and ink were my least favorite way to spend my academic past time. Photography was different, it was my recess.
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Black and white was my preference because it was challenging enough to find appealing shapes in that little square camera window without worrying about tints and color complimenting. Black and white photography and a professional dark room made it possible to tweak your print and truly live out the process of transforming picture to paper. Who really knows how to dodge and burn? Did you fix it long enough?

Anyway I can’t stand taking out my Nikon 35mm working hard for those good shots only to wait an hour and have Wal-Mart change my photos because they think there not bright enough. A 35mm film is pure, there is not doubt, but a digital introduces so many conveniences the most important of which access to your photos instantly.

I happened upon a pretty nice digital cam this past weekend. I couldn’t pass it up. I had flashbacks of my picture taking years and the pleasure of snapping time. I hope I haven’t lost it after all it’s what I originally when to school for though I changed careers for some reason.


  1. Rock on man.

    I so want some melon now. Life is good when you find your passion. And beter yet when you can still have a career while following that passion.

  2. Thanks Scott

  3. I hear it’s a pretty nice camera. Something along the lines of what I would like to get one day. I miss those days of going out and about just to find a neat place to take pictures. I took a b & w course and it was just awesome being able to develop your own pics. As you said taking them to Walmart to get developed just doesn’t do them justice. One day I hope to have my own dark room.


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