Posted by: denisbuchwald | May 10, 2006

BBQ Advice

I have been searching for about two weeks now. I have narrowed down my criteria somewhat but now I would like to get your advice.

I have been looking at BBQs in the range of 299 to 499. The reason its a bit higher is because require the NG (Natural Gas Version)

What I know I want…
44,000 to 65ooo BTUs
at least 520- 700 Sq cooking area total.
Ledges on each side… flush with BBQ so nothing can drop down.
Stainless Cooking System

I don’t care for…
Rotissary or side burner.
Is anyone happy with their Rotisary and do you use it?

What I am not sure of is the Grill.
For 449 I can get all stainless grill and cooking system which I have been told lasts a long time and is easy maintence and doesnt rust.
For a BBQ of equal specs and much less, I can still get the stainless cooking system, but the grill is porcalin coated iron. Porcelain I have been told, can chip and rust is harder to clean. Iron can simply just rust.

Can anyone comment on the Porcelain Coated Irom or Stainless Steel Grill.

Broil King
Porcelain Grill $449 (NG)
Stainless steel
Stainless Steel Grill $499 (NG)


  1. I have nothing to contribute to this post except that I love our new Tim Horton’s Broil King barbeque!!!

  2. Long live the King!!

  3. Don’t forget you can always buy the stainless steel grill later on if its needed.


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