Posted by: denisbuchwald | May 8, 2006

MTB Ride Log 2006.01

Dave and I drove his CRV 1/4 the way up the old pipeline access road near Nordic Ski Club in order to access some of North Bay’s finest single track. This was the first time for us both riding out here since, I think, 2004. Normally I ride 100% of the uphill pipeline road, which takes about 15 minutes and acts as a reminder that I am out of shape. Once near the top, you get into the trails marked on either side of the road.

These trails, (dubbed Dave Bull’s Trails to some people) have been around for many years and are constantly maintained and new additions of single tracks branching off the main access road appear each year.

I do like the trails at Laurentian Ski Hill but the Bull’s Trails offer more deep woods rough and tough technical single track. You can make them easy or hard depending on the pace and with many circuits branching off the access road you can spend 2 or 3 hours riding around challenging your abilities or having fun.

This was my first real technical ride of the year and one of many for which will skill me up for the 24 hour race in June. If you ever want ride these trails let me know. I can either take you there or show you how to get to them. Many North Bay folks have heard about them, want to ride them, but are not sure where to go.


  1. What is this driving up the road stuff.

    Man oh man, I can’t even type now. I am so upset. Lazy Lazy Lazzzzzie. Even I don’t take a ride up a hill any more. I will climb whatever you put infront of me.

    Well it is just good to know that you guys are out and riding again. I hope you took some pics and will pass them along some day.


  2. Ya normally we would ride the hill, but you know I had to try out the CRV off road a little bit and I am sure if Scott was in the CRV he wouldnt of minded. It was funny, we got to the top of the hill, and started to wait… then we realized how dumb we were – Scott was in Calgary.

    I’ve been out on the road bike this year, but it was good to get out on the MTB again finally. I had to wait abit to get some parts fixed on my bike first.

    Looking forward to the 1st 24hr race in June…

  3. You know that you just said “Even I don’t take a ride up a hill any more”
    Anyway, that hill isn’t challenging anymore. In general… training for hills is a waist of my talent. I might as well drive to the top so I can get to the technical trails… and get to the crazy stufff.

    I’ll bring the cam next time to show you some of the new trails that poped up the last little while.

  4. I am just glad to here you guys are out riding. I mean, I know that I am coming back to Ontario this fall and I don’t want to hear any of this, “we know you kicked our ass Scott, but we really didn’t ride much this summer”.

  5. I can understand how your imagination can get a way from your chum so I won’t bother retorting. In fact, when you are proven wrong… I wont even rub it in cause thats not good sports manship. I wont be able to hold back Dave though… I know he will rub it in.

    He he he


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