Posted by: denisbuchwald | April 25, 2006

That Thing got a HEMI

It’s been a long week but I finally got my Lawnmower back from those guys at Overhaulin. They sure know how to slam a ride.
Before this rust bucket was Overhauled you needed a tetanus shot everytime you pulled it out of the shed. Now after a shot of NOS you need to worry about blood loss and how to get your arms sowed back on.

Yes, they threw in a HEMI, after market exhaust, performance carb, filter, NOS and gave it a tricked out paint job. This thing started off as a Mastercraft rust bucket and now it’s a mean high horse power grass eating machine thats not exactly lawn legal.

LawnMower HEMI
More Images
I think I am going to sell it on eBay so watch for it. I’ll be fair with the shipping! Anyway, here are the before and after picture. Feast your eyes on the transformation.

Original Lawnmower Post


PS. I bet those OCC boys would love to get their hands on this chopper.
There are more pics in the Gallery if you have 5 minutes to waist. Hemi Lawnmower Pictures


  1. I heard that your ride does not have a blade on it yet, I was thinking you need to put some skunk stripes on the blade to match the rest of the mower.

    Looking good though, it looks fast, you definitely need the helmet and jacket to use that beast.

  2. I will be Firing it up Friday


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