Posted by: denisbuchwald | April 21, 2006

Home soon

Amy is comming home from Kuwait. I leave tomorrow to go pick them up at the airport but not before I grab myself a starbucks. I’ll upload all her picture sometime this weekend.

I’ll have my camera back so I’ll be able to take some pictures of my pimped out lawnMower. Remember that rust bucket of lawnmower… well I was recently on Overhaulin and they chopped and dropped this gramineae eating machine.

Stay tunned!


  1. Sweet did you install a fog machine so that everytime you pull it out of the shed an lower it a billow of fog shoots out and you can walk thur it with lazer lights going.

    Because if so, that is sweeeeaaaaat.

  2. You will just have to wait and see. I will tell you that I have a performance exhaust system and my mower is running NOS, its not exactly Lawn legal you know!
    Dont forget the RACING STRIPPPESSS

  3. Make sure you get some spinners on your rims. That will really french that thing up!


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