Posted by: denisbuchwald | April 12, 2006

Amy’s in Kuwait

I am going to let Amy tell a bit of her Story…

Well, I got here in Kuwait city around 0730 kuwaity time so that made about 1230am your time. At our Layover, In London, we walked about looked at all the shops which I could not buy anything because it was sooooo exspensive, $20 American only got you about 10 pounds. So my meal was $22.50 american which only got me a pasta salad, with letuce, vegs’s and a glass of Oj. The booze is cheaper then any thing else. So we finally left London at 1230mid-night London time and got into Kuwait around 0830 Kuwait time so your time would be 0100 am your time.

Kuwait is mostly sand with little greenery. They drive on the same side as back home, but most drive cars/trucks like we drive. As for wheather, it was about -67 when flying but warmed up to +27 here in Kuwait. It’s really muggy but it’s not too hot to handle yet anyway. I will see in the next day or two. I badly need a shower.

I have only taken some photo’s which I will send when Tina get’s back from school. The pics will be mainly of the airports in Toronto, London and Kuwait.

Check out the Rest of the photos from the Gallery. I will try to upload her pics as she sends them.


  1. Looks like Amy’s having fun so far!


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