Posted by: denisbuchwald | April 6, 2006

News Update

The latest news…
Amy leaves for Kuwait on Monday (I will miss her) along with her mother, Aunt and Grandma. Amy’s father uncle and grandfather will suffer from malnutrition for 12 days unless beer and chips are enough.

Kuwait Flag

Big texas holdem poker night planned at our house Saturday April 15th. Boys can bring their girls if they want. They can watch a chick flick while I gets paid upstairs.
Note: Amy will still be in Kuwait so their will be no female host representation.
Come anytime after 6PM.

Full house

And its no news that I am looking for some great weather to get out and ride. I’ll take motorized or peddle power. Bring on the SUN.

That’s your latest update for April 6.


  1. I am going to start playing poker with the boys very shortly, to hell with the chick flicks.

  2. Looks like I will be in for poker.

    Misty is working next weekend so I won’t be able to head down to Ottawa…. so you might not be the one getting paid.

    Remember play like Dave and suckout a winner on the river 😉

  3. Dave and I are forming a poker team…. we split fity fity.

  4. Give Mike a call, he plays… it would be great to have some extra money…lol. I will take care of Amy while she’s in Kuwait. I will get her nice and fat!!!


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