Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 31, 2006

Spring is Here

It’s finally warmed enough out to start to think in the spring and summer frame of mind. The melting snow, the new warmth of the sun and the familiar smell of stuff thawing are all signals causing my brain to distribute the sort of chemicals that make me want to work and play outside again. From my bike (MTB), to motorcycle, to the car and the yard etc… I’ve got the bug… I just want to be out side from now until the next freeze.

So I have built up my MTB, readied the Honda F4i and this past weekend removed the balloon tires from the Vig. I even gave it a quick wash. It’s amazing how a car wash and some rims can transform a car. Too bad it will be parked every day that its not raining.
I have to fix up the yard once this snow is gone then I’ll be ready to start living the summer life.

The Vig


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