Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 24, 2006

Knee in my package

Have you seen the skit that makes fun of the “Hand in my pocket” commercial. Rick Mercer should have done that skit with insurance companies in mind.

Speaking of insurance companies, sometimes finding a good insurance company is like finding a 4 leaf clover.
I won’t be shy about my premiums. I currently pay 1300 (full coverage) for my Vigor, and 1240 (basic coverage) for the Honda F4i with Co-operators.
That’s a yearly total of 2540, unless windows calculator is incorrect. Cooperators is a great company with rates usually a little below the rest however they black list most sport bikes including mine which leads to bend over rates.

It has been a long search to find a company that
A) wants my business and isn’t crusty on the phone
B) doesn’t laugh when they give me a quote
C) doesn’t have some lame clause to turn me away

But finally a break on the bike… I called up State Farm in Bracebridge and received a quote of 770 (Full Cov!) for the F4i.
Now thats a great rate for the bike, but not for my car (1882 for the Vig). It’s unfortunate, but Statefarm counts all drivers in your household against your car. So if anyone in your house has some tickets or claims then the car rate shoots up. My rate was good until they factored this rule in.
It’s not worth switching just yet and I will stay with Coop for another year. I get the knee in my package afterall. Owww

If you have a clean record give State Farm in Bracebridge a call to see what they can do for you.

BTW, here is the skit.

Knee in my package


  1. Have you checked out Certas or Presidents choice? I’m paying about $1700/yr for my car and house, I believe it breaks down to $1200 something for the car (I still have an accident on record) and $400 some for the house. President’s choice is about the same, which is why I haven’t switched from Certas… one big plus with PC is the house insurance deductible goes down 20% every year you don’t have a claim.. which means that if you insure with them for 5 years and someone stills your bike you don’t have to shell out that $1000 to get a new one. If Certas makes one wrong move I’m switching.


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