Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 20, 2006


My hot water tank burst this weekend. Just inside the tank on the hot side of things there was a lot of corrosion, which led to a failure causing a pool of water to form in my basement bathroom/laundry room. When I returned home from my hockey game I heard the sound of the water alarm. I rushed into the basement, saw the water and took off my shoes and socks before entering to find the source.
It was nice and warm on the feet actually. Ams sped over to pick up her dads Wet/dry vac. After the water was shut off, it took me about 2 hours to suck up all the water and dirt. That was Saturday night. Fortunatly the water was contained in the low rooms and only a little bit of carpet became wet.
It was still very damp and smelled a bit musty but was fairly dry by Sunday night.

The old tank was installed in 94, a 12-year-old tank. The new 2006 tank was finally installed Monday morning. Lets hope it’s good for 12 years and that I am at home when it fails. 12 years from now I’ll rent a whole bunch of movies to keep me occupied while I wait for this tank to go.
Lately I have been flooded with water problems and feeling a bit defeated against the water. You can’t accuse me of having Dry humour right.

Now can you figure out what the title means!


  1. Frack You Hot Water Tank – Now, Deny, what TV series has innovated the replacement of f$%k with frack?

  2. frackin Battlestar Galatica thats who…

  3. Have you seen the last episode for season 2 yet?!?

  4. This happend to Rose, and I in our first apartment that we lived in remember, that sound sucks. I was sleeping at the time, and I figured it was just someone in an other apartment fluching the toilet alot.

    My next hot water taking is going to be tankless, cost a little more, but saves tons in heating cost over the years. You only heat water as you need it. Makes sense to me.

    You also would think that someone would figure out a way to test to see if you water tank rusted out and have it shut off automatically.

    And in the theme of Scott Mac question. Only 12 more yars til you need to worry about this every again.

  5. No doubt tankless would be cool. I would go with a gas tankless as I don’t like using hydro for heating anything. Acually, my post on the hot water situation is generating some google ads related to tankless Water heaters. There are lots of companies and models to choose from.


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