Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 16, 2006

MTB Completed!

My Bike is done.
I have slaved on this bike over the span of a week cleaning every part, degreasing, re-greasing, polishing, connecting, fastening, cutting and tweaking. So here is my Giant XTC-1 with a rebuilt bomber fork, Mavic CrossRide rims and Avid disc brakes. (Naming the parts makes for better Google Ads)
With out the aid of a bike stand and at the cost of few marks on the carpet (I don’t have a work shop yet) I managed to produce this fine looking mechanical compilation of over priced parts.

It will never look this clean until spring time next year. Lets Ride
Giant XTC-1
Click for a bigger View, its worth the gander.

I picked up a Full Metal Jacket kit, made by Avid, meant for running mechanical brake lines. This comes complete with cables, housing, housing caps but features Stainless Steel tubing for protecting the cable and providing some rigidity and tightness to the feel of the brake. It’s a bit over kill but I will be able to reuse some of the kits parts. Note the shiny tubing on the top part of the brake-line leading to the calliper.

Brakes with FMJ


  1. I look forward to seeing you zip by me while I try and take pictures during the June race!


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