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My uncle recently introduced me to the phrase “GoogleWhack”. He had discovered a video by Dave Gorman storytelling his adventures with GoogleWacking and WOW what an adventure. Dave Gorman tells you a story about how one day, while trying to write a book, was emailed by a stranger to tell him that his site, had a GoogleWhack contained in it. From that point on some strange and funny coincidences begin to happen to Dave. In the end he discovers a GoogleWhack chain of events great enough for a book. Visit his site to read his amazing story but first…

What is a GoogleWhack?
From Google Seach using 2 words (no quotes) find one single solitary result!
The words have to appear on the site exactly as you typed them.
I bet you will try it now that you know what it is. It’s harder than you think!

Let me Know how you do!

One more funny thing about Dave Gorman. Once a friend of his dared him that he couldn’t meet a whole lot of other Dave Gormans so he went out into the world and found people sharing his same name and threw a party with them. He found more that 50 for the party… I think. Ha ha ha.

PS. I bet Jason Prescott could have a pretty big Jason Prescott party. GoogleWhack Adventure


  1. I found one….
    anthropometrics t e m i s k a m i n g
    I separated the word above cause I don’t want to spoil this WHACK.

  2. YES got one 😀

    kujala p+h+o+tomanipulation

    just remove the 3 +’s


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