Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 13, 2006

Down for a Day

Smoked adapter My Cable kicked out yesterday. Some may have noticed that Buckwild was unavailable. After some brief troubleshooting I noticed that burning technology smell coming from the Cable modems adapter. You know that smell when you put batteries the wrong way in an electronic device (I mean when you were a kid)… ya that smell.
It was a Sunday and my ISP was not open for an adaptor swap until today.

Have you tried to live one day without the internet in your house. It’s like not having arms. Nothing gets done. I could do without coffee but I need my net.


  1. You could have tinkered with your bike, or shovelled out a path for it because you know what time is near….

  2. Yes… that is true. I did make a path through the big part of the snowbank. I am just waiting for more rain to finish the job though we got more snow instead.

    Next year I will see about storing the bike inside the house so I dont have to worry about the snow 🙂

  3. Ok, so I know what coffee is but what is this innerNeat. Some kind of wankie crazie eastern religion that you are trying to sucker me into.

    No way bub, I follow the Newton’s 3 Laws of physics and that is it.


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