Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 10, 2006

Tough Parking in North Bay

“A car is entombed in a snowbank at a McIntyre Street East parking lot belonging to the Bull and Quench Pub and Restaurant.”

Poor Guy… There go his days of riding around in a rusted out 89 Caprice picking up all the ladies.
I say the Bull should give him free beers and lunches for the rest of the winter.

Nugget Staff
Local News – Wednesday, March 08, 2006 @ 08:00

It was a painful sight for James Gibson Saturday when he discovered his car had been tossed around by a snow plow.

The 22-year-old arrived home for lunch to find the mangled front end of his 1989 Caprice jutting out of a snowbank at the Bull and Quench Pub and Restaurant parking lot on McIntyre Street East.

Gibson lives in the adjacent building and has parked his car in the lot since moving in about two months ago.

He says there was never a complaint about his car from the local pub.

But unfortunately, it appears as though Gibson’s snow-covered vehicle wasn’t seen Saturday by the pub’s snow plow operator until it was too late.

Gibson is now trying to determine what if any recourse he may have.

Story Written and Posted from The North Bay


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