Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 7, 2006

Warning Signs

Growing up in a farm community mean’t that there was a possibility I would work on a farm either as a life style, or just to make a tax-free buck. When you worked on a farm, you worked around farm equipment with fast, big, noisy moving, and unforgiving parts. It never occurred to me until recently, as I look back, how fast I could have been maimed or killed by most of that equipment. It would be obvious to say that a good farmer is one with all his limbs since there are so many opportunities to lap on off by one false move or miss-judgment. I am putting a lot credit in the abilities of farmers but the fact is that without warning signs there would be more injuries and casualties from heavy/farm equipment.

My friends and I use to really laugh hard at the different warning signs displayed on heavy equipment. Maybe you had to be in harms way to find them as funny as I do. The artist for some of these must bust a gut drawing them up. I’ll be making it a habit of finding serious but funny warning signs and posting them once a week (Or whenever). If you find some, please leave a comment or note in my message board.
Here is the first one… haaaaa (I gotta find the really funny ones)

Message: Hay bailers are not as forgiving as vending machines.
Hand in Combine

Message: Gears and Beers don’t mix.
Hand in Gears


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