Posted by: denisbuchwald | March 6, 2006

Bicycle Show in T O

Last year I did not focus much on bicycling. You could say it was the year of the Sport Bike.
Its time to focus on cycling again. I have registered for two 24 hour races this year with Dave H and in order to be competitive and to last the race my bike needed some upgrades.

This weekend I pretty much got everything I needed at the bike show in Toronto. New Helmet, shoes, rims and brakes. Ams bought me a new long sleeve jersey which should be my good luck charm when I hit the trails.

Some may remember the blog entry I posted some time ago about Disc brakes? Well I have arrived. No more crappy V brakes for me!!!

Here are the Rims I picked up Mavic CrossRide (Black Version)
And the Avid BB5 Disc Brakes


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