Posted by: denisbuchwald | February 23, 2006

Icy Monstrosity – Water we going to do?

Water problems!
Today at lunch Amy looked up and noticed a bow in the kitchen ceiling.
Oh No…. Water. I cleared off a lot of snow and ice from the roof to alleviate any pressure and sources of water from above.

My uncle was right; I would not like what I would see if I ventured into the attic through the small porthole. This affected area might have to do with the furnace exhaust since its right beside and right above.
I removed as much of the icy monstrosity as I could so at least when it warms up we won’t have as much water dripping on our pancakes.
I need a professional!!!

Ice in the attic

More pics of this in the Gallery


  1. You called for a contractor, what you got was a super hero.


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