Posted by: denisbuchwald | February 17, 2006

Hurtubise and the Angel Light

Do you know who Troy Hurtubise is huh, or should I say EH?! Ya you know. I think he lives somewhere near Pawasson, ON. Troy is the inventor of the famous Project Grizzly bear suit as well as many other creative inventions for sale mostly geared toward combat and protection. I’d buy some of that fire paste. I’ll stir some into Paul’s Chili and might actually be able to eat it. Or maybe it would be better suited as a spread to prevent overcooking or scorching of dinner. Fire paste… It just sounds cool!

The real Story: Troy claims to have invented an emitter called “Angel Light” (AKA: Giant Fricken Laser) which can see through walls or penetrate what ever material you place in front of it. The idea came from a recurring dream he said. Apparently it can penetrate metal, wood and flesh. In one article he admitted to sticking his hand in front of it and seeing all the insides. Please don’t stick your head infront of it Troy, you don’t want your secret out, trust me.

You will have to read the whole story. But finish off my post first, gees.

“Angel Light “ Top Story
Angel Light

There are certainly critics out there, for one, Troy is the least likely guy you would figure to invent x-ray vision. Two, he is not a scientist and even scientists are miffed about this. But, until there is solid proof either way, I believe him. I have met Troy and my first impressions led me to regard him as a truth telling homosapien.

I met him at blockbuster 10 years ago. He was selling VHS tapes with mainly Project Grizzly footage. I asked him how much and I think he said about 20 bucks but I can’t recall the amount. I replied, “Don’t you think that’s a rip off “! And with a straight face he said, “Yes it is”. A man of his word I tell you, a man of his word.
So bring some popcorn and come over and watch him get hit by a big fat swinging log.

I am happy for him. It means that he doesn’t have to wear the bear suit anymore when playing in traffic. Now, with Angel Light, he can just disable or melt the vehicle, a much better approach. Just don’t stand in front of the giant frickin laser man!


  1. I think Troy is trying to say something in this picutre. Maybe he is making up for some other issues he is having.

    Way to go Troy, now the US is going to need to Liberate Canada, can’t go around storing WOMD, in your garage. But at least you will see them comming.

  2. GFLB (Giant Fricken Laser Beam)
    What can’t he do now? If they try and fly at him he will just disable their air force. I kind of gave that on away when he took a toy plane out the sky.

    All of his inventions put together could mean one hell of an arsenal. He can protect his shed with the blast pads, spread fire paste on the walls, he can put on his bear suite, turn on the giant fricken laser see through the hearts of his enemies.


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