Posted by: denisbuchwald | February 7, 2006

Cottage Fun

I really enjoy the outdoors when I can stay in the out doors. You pack up your stuff, jump in the car and take off to a place where you can rough it a bit. Where there is no electricity, accept by generator and where there is no phone, accept for a weak unusable cellular signal.


A place where you need to do a little bit of work in order to survive for the day so you can say, with honesty, that you earned your meals.

Cooking Chili

Amy’s parent’s cottage is such a place. You may know of my chili talents. Well, I architected the most delicious chili yet. We are talking about a woodstove cooked chili in a cast iron pot. How can you get more home cooked than that.

Friday we (Me, Amy and her parents) pretty much relaxed as we arrived a little past supper time. But Saturday was productive. I started cooking the chili in the morning so it could slow cook over some northern hardwood. As you can see from the picture, French toast was on the breakfast menu. To work off that breaky I assisted with shoveling off the cottage roof. A little hard work and some fooling around can sure pass the time because before you knew it, it was time to mow down on some chili.

How do you keep your refridgables cold… that’s how! This sort of reminds me of that Russian vodka commercial with Urie…. this is my house… and this is my fridge.

Canadian Cooler

We ran into some Sarnia Ontario Police. No no not because of anything illegal, they travel to Jacks Lake every February to do some ice fishing. This is there contribution to beverage refrigeration, the RBDD. (Refrigerated Beverage Delivery Device) Impressive!!!

Refrigerated Beverage Delivery Device

I took lots of pictures this weekend. Please check them out in the gallery. Lots of outside shots!!! Click here to check them out.


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