Posted by: denisbuchwald | February 1, 2006

Jan 29 Storm – Record 44cm

Vig In Snow

Apparently there was some sort of record broken on Jan 29th regarding North Bay’s snow-fall.
I would prefer to shovel 44cm but, due to cross winds, tall drifts formed and would rebuild themselves minutes after shoveling. I went out around 8pm and shoveled the driveway and removed the drifts. (See the before and after pics) When I got up in the morning and looked outside I saw the exact same snow drift looking back at me and laughing. I knew I had to shovel a narrow path through the laughing snow drift if I wanted to get the car out and not be late for work.
Fortunately the neighbor took his snow blower to it before I returned home that evening. Good thing because it rained. Snow is good no matter how much, but I can’t stand this rain crap. January has broken records for being the warmest Jan. since the 1800s. If this keeps up I will be out on the Crotch rocket mid March. Right… Good luck with that.




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